Saturday, November 8, 2008

More pics

So I have been sick all week but today was so gorgeous I had to go out and at least take some pictures. However I am realizing that either I suck and taking pictures or I need to break down and buy a digital camera as the one on my phone is ok but not great.

Just a picture driving home from the beach nothing super exciting other then it still reminds me of San Fransisco.

This was kind of a cool house by the beach where I parked my car other then that I don't know why i took the picture.

This is a park by the beach there is what I believe to be like a private boating club place over to the right.

3 Disclaimers on this picture first.

1) There are naked people in it if you zoom in.

2) you can see anything as its blurry.

3)Even if you could see something this is the kind of naked that would make you go egwww not whoo nice.

So I am standing at the beach there at this little park and I see this very large woman come out with a towel on drop the towel and climb into the ocean I am like holy crap that water is so cold why would you do that. (that was prob not my first though lol)Then after a quick dunk she puts the towel back on and goes in to one of those little buildings. Then a few minutes later another not really attractive lady does the same thing from another building. Then two ladies come out of one of the other buildings to do the same at this point I was laughing so I had to take the picture. My guess is, that there are saunnas in the budilings and they are jupping in the cold water then jumping back in the sauna.

To bad they were not hot I would have stayed longer. ha ha

Just looking out at some of the cool boats again I need a better camera.

Some guys were in kayak looked fun but very very cold.

You can see the same guys out in there boat here to if you zoom in.

Ok so just north of Copenhagen and between me and the closest beach is this really cool forest I think its like a natural preserve or something accpe that there are houses in it to. There are some stables as well and people ride a lot of horses here. There are some really cool trails here but its not super big you could prob drive from one side to the other in like 25 minutes.

Any way this was a cool looking house I saw on the corner.

This is where I wish my camera was better or I took better pictures. This could have been a really gorgeous picture. This is one of the cool trails I was talking about it forks of right here. There is a log in the middle with an old lady with a walker sitting on it but its a little blurry. But there are cool trails like this all over here.

Just some pictures of the same are out of my car window.



This is a smaller but cool mall by my house.

Same Mall out of my car.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

More pics

I had to run in to Copenhagen Sat specifically I was in a part called Nørrport. I guess Copenhagen used to be a giant castle with different forts that protected it and they had basically this giant moat that went around it with bridges that would go across it, to protect it. The different sections of the moat I guess you would call it are now kind of like little lakes that have ducks and I think in the summer you can do that boating sport where you get a bunch of people and row I don't know what it is called any way. The bridges are still there and are main roads. The buildings remind me a lot of San Fransisco. So I took a few pics of some of the buildings and one of the little lakes. Enjoy
It's been really over cast a lot lately well at least during the times when I am not working. One of these weekends it will be really nice out and then I will really take some great pictures.

People are just starting to celebrate Halloween here. In fact if you save this picture and zoom in on the balcony there you will see a jack-o-lantern

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This is the street I live on.

This is a little kind of plazza on the same street.

Looking out over the seas about 10 minuntes from my house.

There is a really cool park and trails up the street Sat when there is more light I will take some pics of it.


Different part of the street I live on. The street is called Søborg Hovedgade it is full of little shops and stores. So people are walking riding there bikes along it all the time to shop.


A trail at a park by my house I run on.

Some new pics.

It gets dark so early here that I could only take a few after work before it was to dark. I will take some more on sat as everyone has been asking for more pictures of actual Denmark and not my car or funny signs lol.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

To funny

I think my friend Robert Carlson might be the CEO of this company ha ha ha.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


some pics looking out my porch onto the street below.

The Shower handle hangs on the wall lol.

The shower in my bathroom Notice the shower head hanging on the sing..Notice the drain on the floor ... Notice the floor is all tile....Notice the shower curtain on the other side of that is the toilet not the shower.... you guessed it your looking at the shower you stand in front of the sink and wala...I am told most of the old buildings have showers like this my new hose won't but it's kind of fun I can shower and poop at the same time whooo hoooo

My new couches in my sparse front room.

The Shop where I bought my Iron these are nice ones.

Farting is a very serious problem in Denmark. This sign says 10 people die fro farting every year. :)

Ok So those are the Pics my place is pretty small but it's fun that its so close to everything. There is a grill across the street I go to a lot to get a burger or a sandwich. Most Danish People only go out once a week to eat um yeah they know me across the street already ha ha.
It will be nice to get into my new place but this has been good for me to get some furniture and get a feel for whats around and what not...